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Welcome to the official Auctonic blog. Quite simply the best way to stay on top of all the exciting new developments, features and updates that are in the pipeline as well as picking up top tips about harnessing Auctonic's extraordinary potential.


21/07/2012: Growth, Support and Looking towards the next phase

It's been a while since our last blog! The last few months have been incredible in terms of user growth- we're welcoming more and more users into our community which is great news for all of us. The more users we have in our community, the better and more stable the community becomes in terms of being self-supporting.

Whilst strong growth is hugely exciting, it does present some interesting challenges or opportunities. As our community grows, the auctonic team is rapidly having to alter the original approach taken to support. Happily, only a tiny fraction of users have support issues (relatively, this fraction decreases as total user numbers grow) which means that the detailed work that went into auctonic during the design and testing phase is now paying dividends.

We're committed to providing strong central support (although this ever more challenging), and it's been great to see members of the user community helping out their fellow users with fixes to recurring issues.

It's great to see that the new features released over the last few months have been well received, and great suggestions for new features keep flowing in, which is fantastic new for the whole community too. The number of listings posted by the community are growing, borne out by the sheer number of listings being featured on our twitter/facebook feeds.

As ever, please feel free to contact us at info@ or ollie@ ( with any thoughts, suggestions or ideas.

23/05/2012: By eBay sellers for eBay sellers

First and foremost, the Auctonic team is made up of eBay sellers who came together because we wanted to empower other eBay sellers. We wanted to create the seller enabler/platform that we wished already existed- one that grows organically in line with it's users aspirations and desires. That's why Auctonic is completely free to use/download. That's why all of our new features come about from suggestions/feedback/direct collaboration with the user community.

Following our global launch earlier this year, we'd love to know how we're doing in your eyes. What could we do better, what would you like to see more of and how are we getting on relative to some of the other great offerings that eBay sellers know and love? Please feel free to contact the team directly-

In other news, exciting developments continue to occur thick and fast at Auctonic HQ. Having just launched a major new functionality (Multi variations- see below!), we've spent the last few days working on incorporating all of the great feedback we've had from the user community. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly with either your ideas, suggestions or support issues.

Finally, hundreds of new users have joined the Auctonic community over the past few days- welcome, and thank you for choosing Auctonic. Please feel free to get in touch to let us know how we can make Auctonic exactly what you would like it to be. Auctonic has always been shaped by the wishes, needs and desires of it's user community, and that's not about to change!

12/05/2012: MultiVariations and AutoTweet

Following a very busy and exciting few weeks, we've launched two new bits of functionality which considerably enhance Auctonic's toolbox for sellers. Thank very much indeed to those users who worked with us to design and deliver MultiVariations in particular- hopefully, the end result meets expectations.

As ever, there is an introductory video on AuctonicOfficial (YouTube) to help you get started. As a bit of background, eBay describes a MultiVariation as bringing together all of the variations of a product into a single listing, to reflect the way they might be arranged in a physical retail space (a shop!). So for example, a certain t-shirt in 5 colours (that we assume would be physically adjacent in a shop) can now be grouped together in a single listing, as distinct from having to create 5 different listings for 5 different coloured t-shirts that are essentially the same (to use the shop analogy, they would be in different places on the shopfloor making it harder/less likely that the buyer will complete a purchase).

It's a really great feature from eBay. For Auctonic users, MultiVariation listings enables a seller to precisely define and customise the characteristics of a given item, which means loosely that it is more likely to result in a sale (because the right buyer can more easily access the right item). It's very powerful, and can become as complex as you like- MultiVariations can literally be used to sell almost anything, in almost any way. Please do let us know what you think- good, bad or ugly!

We've also launched AutoTweet, which is a little bit of functionality that posts every listing made on Auctonic onto our twitter account. Things never stand still for long at Auctonic towers- we're working on enhancing the way Auctonic can be used to smoothly onboard/transfer users from existing platforms. As sellers ourselves, there is nothing better than minimising the setup/familiarisation phase when working with a new bit of tech, thus maximising the time doing the fun stuff- selling great products on eBay.

Thank you to the many, many people who have got in touch with suggestions, amendments or entirely new features that you would like to see- we've got an ambitous development plan, and it's largely steered by user feedback- so what you tell us really does influence the new features/updates being released.

Finally, the Auctonic team would like to wish all of our new users a very warm welcome- please get in touch if there is anything that we can help with.

02/05/2012: A gamechanging feature is coming. . .

We love a dramatic title and a bit of suspense- what better way to announce that we're close to launching a massive new feature that we hope will set Auctonic well apart from esteemed competitors. Our ethos is and has always been to create a great user experience by putting powerful enabling technology at the fingertips of merchants all over the globe- technology that enables Auctonic merchants to outperform their marketplace time after time.

Our new feature represents a significant delivery on that ethos- no other platform will feel the same again. You know those times where you're selling a great product with great features that quite simply deserve to be shown off. . .now think of the value of the potential that is lost by not fully being able to articulate to your seller-set how fantastic your item really is. Our new feature looks at maximising item potential- as the title suggests, it's a gamechanger. Standby for more updates very soon.

In other news, please feel free to follow/contact us on Twitter.

29/04/2012: New Videos, New Version, New Users

We've launched a new set of videos on youtube. Importing from TurboLister explains how to quickly and easily transfer listings from TurboLister into Auctonic. Raising a Support Issue explains how to flag a support issue- thankfully only a very tiny minority of users have experienced issues to date. Using Auctonic to create listings in volume and at speed explains how Auctonic's create listing tool can be used to create similar listings quickly by altering a previous listing, and relisting.Our vision is to create a library of videos that contain everything the global user base needs to harness Auctonic's extraordinary potential- ultimately, this will include contributions from users sharing tips, tricks and best practice.

As part of our mission to create an unrivalled user experience, we are continually releasing updates that incorporate new features as well as fixes arising out of feedback from the user community- version 1.1.50 is the most up to date version and should address one or two small issues with previewing that a small number of users have raised.

Finally, a very warm welcome to all of our new users from all over world- thank you for choosing auctonic. Looking forward, we've got some massive updates, new features and bold developments to release over the summer- it's a very exciting time to be joining the auctonic user community.

25/04/2012: Bringing Auctonic to life with a multi channel approach to support

It's been over a month since our last blog update, although we have been active on facebook, twitter, youtube and our very own support forum. What a busy month it has been- thank you and welcome to all of our new users all over the world.

Given the rapid growth in user numbers, we're continuing to work hard to roll out great features that keep Auctonic relevant, useful and perhaps most importantly, unique. The Auctonic creative team has launched the first videos in what will become an extensive library of support materials on our youtube channel- please don't hesitate to let us know what you think and what you would like to see going forward.

A very big thank you to those users who are working with us to fix one or two small support issues (less than 2% of users worldwide have experienced anything other than optimal performance)- although rare, we want to ensure that the auctonic support experience is refreshingly good, compared to software support functions in general.

Plenty of significant developments coming up in the next few weeks- look out for updates on here, the forum, facebook, you tube and twitter.

20/03/2012: Roadtesting- Auctonic is simpler, faster and more powerful than ever

A very warm welcome to all of our new users, and thank you for choosing Auctonic. Users often find that the level of support, reactivity and quality of user-developer dynamic is a hugely pleasant surprise- Auctonic is now fully supported, so please feel free to tell us what you think, what you need and what you want.

We've spent the week at Auctonic testing- in the same way the designers of a high performance sports car can only really know just how powerful it is by testing it on an actual road, the Auctonic team and a group of users have been putting Auctonic through it's paces. It's been a really useful exercise, and we've configured, tweaked and optimised across the software- Auctonic is simpler, faster and more powerful than ever.

On top of our ongoing roadtesting, we've re-engineered the download and install experience to make it faster, easier and almost completely error free. Finally, and most excitingly, we're in the final stages of testing a completely new level of customisability, in response to feedback from the user community. We've invested heavily in our technology to ensure that we have the power to offer users complete design freedom should they require it. At the time of writing, our create listing functionality is unique.

Look out for the forthcoming series of seller strategies, which will aim to help users to maximise and harness the power of Auctonic. In the meantime, please feel free to get contact the team, either on our facebook, twitter or dedicated forum.

16/03/2012: a world class knowledge-sharing environment

Auctonic offers incredible power to any online seller, if they are able to full harness it's potential. Starting soon, the Auctonic team will be presenting our best practices, fun tips and really useful strategies to help Auctonic sellers suceed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

As a brand, Auctonic stands for high performance (with lots of fun add in to the mix)- to help sellers get the best results possible, we're aiming to create a unique knowledge sharing environment where users routinely share successes, tips and best practices with other users on one hand, and define the future shape of Auctonic with feedback directly to the Auctonic team on the other.

Auctonic has the potential and ambition to become the world's leading auction management tool, with the help of the global user community. Lets build the future of auction management together.

15/03/2012: Welcome to the world of Auctonic

It's been a hugely exciting few weeks at Auctonic. Development work has been taking place at an awesome rate- Auctonic is now easier and faster to use than ever. Our listing design environment is becoming more groundbreaking by the day and we're confident that there are very few tools anywhere in the world that can compete on quality or indeed level of customisability..

We'll never stand still however- our mission is to become the world's leading auction management tool. Many of the truly unique features of Auctonic arose from great user feedback, and the bond between Auctonic and the user community is both incredibly important and relatively unique.

Auctonic would like to extend a really warm welcome to all of the new users who have joined so far, or plan to join in the foreseeable future. The Auctonic team is here to support you, listen to your thoughts/comments/suggestions and ultimately deliver a tool that is worth of it's enormously talented and varied user community.

Finally, we hope that you like Auctonic's new home. Please feel free to have a look around and let the Auctonic team know what you think (good or less good!). In addition to a dedicated forum, Auctonic is on facebook and twitter (and development work is taking place to pave the way for the launch of the Auctonic youtube channel!).