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Download Auctonic

Auctonic is completely free and takes around 5 minutes to download, install and setup.

A leading auction management platform- Auction helps you save time, make money and have fun on eBay.

Auctonic uses Java, and this will be installed as part of the setup process, if it isn't already installed on your system.


Auctonic for Windows Download Auctonic for Windows Once Auctonic has been installed it can be run from Programs>Auctonic
Auctonic for Mac OS/X Download Auctonic for Mac OS After downloading Auctonic open the zip file and move to Applications. Run by clicking on
Auctonic for Linux Available on Linux Extract into a folder and then run RunAuctonic.jar


In order to import existing AuctionSplash listings you first need to export your current saved listings.

To do this you need to install a small utility from here