Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Auctonic has been carefully designed to an unrivalled experience to all users. For less experiened users, auctonic's intuitive menus and integrated support means minimum confusion, maximum fun. For powersellers, auctonic has hundreds of features that combine to offer an extraordinary level of customisability.


What does Auctonic do?

Auctonic is a powerful tool that helps users all over the world to maximise their performance on eBay, in four basic ways. Current members of the Auctonic user community:

  • List more quickly and in volume: Auctonic features a single page listing tool where you can build up a new eBay listing quicker than ever before. For users listing in volume, Auctonic has transformed the way the seller interacts with the marketplace.
  • Create beautiful listings that deliver more revenue: Auctonic's remarkable listing design environment is built around the principle that the the more fantastic a listing looks, the better the return in terms of sale price. As a result, Auctonic produces visually stunning and fully customisable listings that deliver market leading revenues time and time again.
  • Save time with a comprehensive listing management toolbox: Auctonic features a powerful range of marketing, communication and management tools which allow sellers to manage every aspect of an eBay listing from start to finish.
  • Have loads of fun working with Auctonic: As well as producing the most beautiful listings on eBay and proudly featuring a full spectrum of tools to management every aspect of an individual auction all the way up to a full, global sales campaign, Auctonic is designed to be enjoyed. Selling on eBay should be great fun, whatever you sell- Auctonic is easy to use for beginners, paradigm changing for intermediate users and is considered one of the most powerful tools available for experienced users.

Who uses Auctonic and how can Auctonic help me?

Auctonic is incredibly versatile, and has well organised tools and features to maximise the trading performance of beginner, intermediate and experienced users. Auctonic also flexes to match your trading style- whether your business is based on a large number of similar listings, or a small number of exquisite listings, Auctonic’s blend of power and usability will make you feel at home.

What if I have a question or need some help?

Auctonic has a fully integrated suite of support tools, from an intergrated user guide right the way up to a live forum, and even tailored support from the Auctonic team. Whatever your question, the Auctonic community is here to help!

How can I get started?

It only takes a few minutes to get up and running on Auctonic, starting with a visit to our download page.

I used to use Auction Splash- why should I switch to Auctonic?

Auctonic is fully supported and will run on windows XP as well as Mac OS/X. Auctonic is a completely different and far more advanced tool, coded in a completely new way to take full advantage of powerful cutting edge technology- in essence, a more powerful tool offering simplicity as well as pure customisability.

Can I customise my listing? I want my listings to reflect my firm's branding!

Auctonic delivers full and unrivalled customisability. Users can call on images stored in the Auctonic image library by typing the tags ' {IMAGE_1}' in the listing text. In addition, text formatting (size, colour, font and alignment) as well as the background colour are fully customisable. We don't believe that users should have to choose from a predefined set of listings- Auctonic allows you to create beautiful listings where the only limit is your own imagination.

I've created a great listing and achieved fantastic results! How can I load my listing template to use it again?

In the Create Listing tool, accessed from the main menu, listings can be saved/loaded as desired using the 'save item' and 'load' green buttons in the final option box (situated in the bottom right hand corner).

The fastest way to use Auctonic is to create a listing and then save it (your listing is automatically saved if you list an item). If you are selling a similar item then simply load that listing again and modify it. If you change the title or some other details on the listing then the next time you save it a new saved listing will be created. If you save a listing that already exists then you will be prompted to ask whether you want to overwrite the current listing or create a new one.

The red X in the corner does not fully close the program?

Auctonic works most effectively when it can run quitely in the background, tracking your listings so that you have all the information you require exactly when you need it. Of course, it's straighforward to fully close Auctonic- simply select 'exit' from the file menu.