Auctonic / Features


Auctonic is packed full of features to ensure that every user has the level of customisability that they required.


Auctonic is designed to offer something to all eBay sellers, whether they've just started or have been selling online for years. We've bundled and organised our features into smart menus that mean that all types of users can find exactly what they need, when they need it. New users don't feel bombarded by uncessary features, and experienced users can easily find exactly what they need with very little effort. Here are some of the most popular features, as identified by the Auctonic user community:

Single page listing- Auctonic allows users to create listings quickly, using just a single page.

Category selector- Auctonic features a powerful category selection tool, ensuring that users list their items in the most appropriate category, maximising the likelihood of a sale.

Keyword analysis tool- Auctonic boasts a groundbreaking keyword analysis tool, showing users which keywords have been used most frequently by other users listing in the same category. Auctonic users can then blend the most successful keywords into their listing title, subtitle and text to greatly enhance the likelihood of, and potential value of, a sale.

Photo management- Auctonic enables user to store up to 24 high resolution images for free, massively enhancing the visual appeal of their listing, which in turn massively enhances the likelihood and potential value of a sale.

Access to global markets- Auctonic sellers have simple, easy and configurable access to buyer markets all over the world. Whether you want to sell books in Brunei, pianos in Peru or jeans in Japan, you can do it with Auctonic.

Ability to Schedule listings- To save time, and give unrivalled customisability to those eBay sellers who want to create listings as part of an integrated sales campaign, Auctonic allows users to define the precise moment that a given listing hits a marketplace to take account of global time differences, any listings already in that marketplace or indeed any other sales strategy that could benefit from this powerful Auctonic feature.

Enhanced Communication and Bulk Feedback- In the eBay world, being able to communicate effectively with sellers and buyers is of paramount important. Auctonic takes communication to a whole new levelĀ  with its unique message centre which is packed full of timesaving features, including a bulk feedback tool.

Visually stunning yet fully customisable listing templates- Whether users want to select a pre-designed listing template from the Auctonic listing library or to customise every last detail to create the perfect listing, one thing is guaranteed- Auctonic listings are in a league of their own visually, which generates impressive returns for the seller.

Fully customisable listing options- Auctonic blends speed and functionality by enabling users to either recall previously saved shipping and payments options (to get their listing onto the market quickly) or to customise shipping and payment options for one, some or all listings (so that each listings is just right).

Rapid download and setup- Auctonic has been designed to be installed and configured with the fewest clicks possible. Our RunAuctonic tool will fully install Auctonic (or update to the latest version if users are already working with Auctonic), and Auctonic’s simple configuration tool means that users can be selling with Auctonic in just minutes.

Comprehensive support suite, including a full user guide and live forum- With so many groundbreaking features that users can combine in virtually any number of different ways, knowledge sharing is extremely important to the Auctonic community. From technical to tactical, Auctonic’s integrated user guide, forum and direct contact support features has all the answers.